Supermood EgoBoost Beauty Chocolate


Eat yourself beautiful! This chocolate bar contains a daily dose of skin firming collagen, an essential protein for building up, moisturising and tightening the skin. And of course, this 50g bar tastes delicious! It’s got a slight “forest-berries-dipped-in-chocolate” flavour, and comes in a thick, chunky bar. To further protect your skin and your health, it contains Chaga, one of the strongest anti-oxidants around, guaranteed to protect you from free radical damage and assist cellular repair throughout the body. Dark chocolate also reduces “bad” cholesterol and increases “good”, and has been known to improve brain function. As if you needed any other reasons to indulge in this yummy treat!


  1. JadenJ.

    I wasn’t sure about spending 8 Euro on a bar of chocolate, but this isn’t just something you scoff down. I look at it as a food supplement and only had a piece a day. The bits are quite chunky and satisfying. The chocolate is really dark, but has a nice melty feel when you hold it in your mouth. Not sure if this will boost my skin yet but I know it boosted by mood, and also stopped me from just pigging out on chocolate!

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