Naturally Dyed Wool Blankets From Peru


Handwoven by women in communities in the Peruvian high Andes, these blankets are truly special. They’re super thick and warm, for one. So thick, in fact, they’re often used as rugs, too! But that’s not all. They’ve been made from 100% sheep’s wool, and dyed completely naturally, with herbs, plants, seeds and flowers that grow naturally in Peru.

Each blanket/rug is multicoloured and unique. Please email us at [email protected] if you’d like more information, or to order specific colours or patterns for your Peruvian wool rug – or blanket! (You decide how to use it!)

And the best part? Every purchase helps support women artisans living in the Andes via the AMA project.

Most of these women are either single mothers, or have partners who are abusive or alcoholic. Your purchase helps not only the weavers (who are also the keepers of the alpacas themselves), but their children, too! Learn more about AMA here.

Weight: 3kg
Width: 160 centimetres
Length: 162 centimetres


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