Karmic Astrological Chart by Claudia Vannini


Includes a customised Karmic Chart, with an analysis of Karmic aspects that may cause difficulty or bring benefits to your  life. Please note that you will need to know the exact date, time and place of the person for whom the chart is made.

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Claudia Vannini is a renowned Brazilian astrologer, and does the monthly horoscopes for Eluxe Magazine. Here, she offers an Eluxe Exclusives package including a Karmic Chart (which describes a bit about what a person is like, based on the day and time they were born). The report includes an analysis of your Karmic aspects that you’ve acquired due to your place and time of birth, and describes how these may cause difficulty or benefit certain situations in your life, including relationships, health, family and work.

This makes a great birthday gift for a friend or a newborn, or it can also give you some insight about yourself!



  1. This astrologer was recommended to me by a friend, and her work is dead on. She nailed my personality and characteristics perfectly without ever having met me, and told me what kinds of behaviours I was doing that I should stop because they are destructive. This helped me a lot both in my personal relationships and at work. I was a bit skeptical of this at first because I had never heard of a ‘karmic reading’ but if you want some real insight about yourself, and some advice on how to improve your approach to life, I would really recommend this.

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