SEP Jordan Alhambra Tote Bag


Palestinian embroidery has a long history of diverse motifs and patterns, and Palestine’s position on trade routes meant that it was exposed to a range of international influences.  SEP’s new collection marries this great textile tradition with patterns inspired by one of the most beautiful and well known monuments in Europe, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The collection remains true to tradition in the use of cross stitch, yet contemporary in style.

These bags are carefully designed, with intricately hand embroidered detailing on Italian linen and jute. It’s a beautiful combination of Palestinian style via Andalucían history.

Every stitch tells a story where each ethically made, sustainable piece is hand embroidered by a single talented artist. Women who continue the time-honoured, cross-stitch technique that has been passed down from generation to generation are the artisans who are passionately making the unique pieces that make up the SEP range.

The SEP promise is mutual happiness. SEP provides fortunate consumers access to beautiful, bespoke and elegant fashion accessories. At the same time, SEP empowers less fortunate Palestinian refugee women who have the skills to create beautiful works of art, with professional, personal and economic stability.

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