Lisa Noto Only You Organic Lipgloss


An organic lip gloss is a rare find, but Canadian brand Lisa Noto makes one that not only looks shiny and sultry, it is practically natural enough to eat! The shimmery pink shine goes on rather neutrally, meaning you can wear it over your favourite lipstick shade, or gloss up your own natural lip tone.

Formulated with organic butters, botanical extracts and plant oils, this vegan friendly gloss delivers loads of anti-oxidants and deep hydration to your kisser, too.


  1. If there’s one thing that always seems to get in my mouth, it’s lipgloss, so I was looking for one that wasn’t full of chemicals. This one is perfect in that sense! It’ goes on smooth and is like most other commercial lip glosses in the way it looks, but the difference is that I’m not eating a ton of chemicals every time I eat when I wear it. Would buy again.

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