Supermood Egoboost Food Supplement


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Want better skin without even trying? Just sprinkle this slightly berry-flavoured supplement into a smoothie, onto cereal, or in juice every day!

The Chaga mushroom is a naturally occurring fungus found mainly in Finland. As an anti-oxidant and protector of healthy cells, it’s so powerful that it’s often used in cancer therapies!

In this beauty supplement, the power of the Chaga mushroom is harnessed to protect your skin from the harm done by the sun’s rays, pollution, and the ubiquitous toxins we all face in daily city living.

Also extracted from Finnish sources, fish collagen has been used for centuries in skin-building and pigmentation repair. Collagen is an essential form of protein that builds up, moisturizes and tightens the skin.

  • Chaga protects the skin from pollution, stress and harmful external influences
  • Collagen boosts the skin’s radiance
  • Tastes a bit like black currants
  • Take 1 tablespoon / day
  • Mixes easily in cold or hot liquid
  • Strengthens immunity, ensures better production of collagen
  • 275ml, lasts about a month

Note : not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not vegan friendly


Hydrolyzed fish collagen, fruit sugar, chaga mushroom extract, maltodextrin (Corn), L-ascorbic acid


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