Sustainable Gift Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Day

We believe sustainability is first of all fun, the great opportunity to find a fare alternative to just the regular shopping experience, providing you with as much enjoyment and style that you deserve…plus a bit of money saving! Isn’t it grand?

To create the Sustainable Christmas Day experience here’s a list of useful tips especially for you from our Eluxe Exclusives.

Tree & Home Decorations

Let’s start from the core of the issue, the symbol of Christmas! Everywhere around the globe everyone wants his or her Christmas Tree!
Best choice is to go for a man-made, upcycled or recycled alternative and Pinterest is always a great source of crafty ideas when it comes to handmade:

Picture 1 – link to

If you can’t resist the charm of a true living Spruce Christmas Tree prefer buying one with nice roots so you can plant it in the backyard and have your own personal Christmas tree sorted for all the years to come! And since Christmas is all about family, why don’t start with the year your kids are born or your first married year!


Christmas meals usually mean abundance and even opulence. This can be achieved while prioritizing healthy ingredients and local products to give a sustainable sparkle to your dinner table.


Opt for Deliciously Ella to find the perfect sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

Or try a vegan alternative for real food that will satisfy even the biggest appetite!

Picture 3 – link to

And of course, don’t forget to light up the table with delicious natural scented candles; here are a couple of our best choices

Picture 4 – link to

100% non-toxic and made with pure essential oils.

Picture 5 – link to

Luxurious candles handmade in Primrose Hill.


Of course, it comes the moment of giving – and receiving! We thought to provide you with a good range of different natural and organic products to satisfy every taste and personality!

Tasty gifts – a success for kids!

Picture 6 – link to

Cold-pressed, organic and fair-trade, what’s not to love!

High-tech green option – for the “always on the phone” workaholics
Picture 7 – Link to

The revolutionary advanced portable charging system.

Skincare bonanza – for the first-timer organic products type
Picture 8 – Link to

You can use your tone among the six alternatives. 100% vegan, light on your complexion and with skin-perfecting essentials.

Gifts scented with adventure – to travel with the mind!
Picture 9 – Link to

Made from natural ingredients, produced by an expert, small producer in the south of France.


Wait a minute! Have you chosen what to wear? Don’t panic, we can find the perfect idea for a sustainable princess! Let’s keep it simple but not ordinary

Picture 10 – Link to

This Bamboo Satin GOTS organic top by Komana is the best choice for you to enjoy the festive celebrations in comfortable but impeccable style!

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