Jewellery Tattoos & Other Hot Picks for Summer

Alright, I know it’s not summer yet, but I’ve been dreaming of it since, oh…about last November. And knowing that these stunning fashions–all made from eco-friendly materials–are just waiting for me to rock them makes me all the more anxious for the warm weather to begin!

In Eluxe Magazine, we discussed three main trends for hotter weather. And guess what? One of them is available to buy right here on Eluxe Exclusives. Yep, apparently jewellery tattoos, first seen on Beyonce last summer, are set to be a huge trend in 2014. They look great with a maxi dress or with a bikini…with anything summery, in fact! Here’s what else is set to define the look of the Summer of ’14.

1. Maxi Dresses

This is one trend that’s easy to find in vintage shops. After all, our mom’s generation were among the first to wear these to festivals, and that summery trend is coming back big time. Ossie Clark was the king of the maxi dress back in the day, but good luck finding one of his masterpieces. Instead, look for vintage dresses with mutton chop sleeves and a low V cut to offset all that fabric (otherwise, you may look like you’re wearing an abaya or something!)

If you can’t handle that much 70s polyester, look for dresses made from silk or recycled materials, like those by The Reformation, which we adore, or find some chic, minimalist maxis in the Master & Muse collection on Yoox (pictured below).

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2. Gold Temporary Tattoo Body Jewellery

Queen Bey was the first to show off this rising trend–wearing a bikini on a yacht, no less. It’s super-practical, because you won’t lose your gems on the beach, and you can strategically place the tattoos so that they only show in the daytime, and can be hidden by clothing in the evening. It’s also eco-friendlier, too, because this non-toxic bling doesn’t call for strip mining the earth to be created. They’re easy to apply, cheap, and take about a week to start to fade away. Win, win! Get yours here or here.




3. Ankle Cuffs

The Eco Gypsy, aka Electra Gillies, is behind this big trend. A travel writer who also writes for us here at Eluxe, she created these cuffs from stuff she basically found on the beach where she currently lives in Bali. And then a fashion shoot by a few models you may recognise blew these out of the water–that’s right, nothing less than the Victoria’s Secret crew fell in love with the cuffs, and the stylist threw them into the shoot. And the rest, as they say, is fashion history….

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