First Blog Post! Meet Lisa Noto

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I wanted this one to be about one of our latest partners, Lisa Noto.

A former model (but still gorgeous of course!) Lisa decided to start her own makeup company in 2012. When working, she had, of course, been plastered with all kinds of makeup, but after becoming a mom and studying  naturopathic medicine, she became more aware of the toxins in some makeup and wanted something more natural.

This is Lisa, wearing her own pink lippy, of course!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any products that had the right texture, colour, scent and durability, so she began her own range. Today, Lisa Noto cosmetics has a wide array of makeup, including foundation, mascara, lipstick and blusher. She’s also produced a new Bridal Collection.

We’ve chosen to sell Lisa’s lippies and mascara on EE for two main reasons: one, they look good on just about anyone, and two, they’re among the best natural makeup items we’ve tried.


Plus, what girl doesn’t like a bit of lip gloss? Even when I was about 13 I was already wearing Bonnie Belle, this stick-gloss in a Coca Cola flavour that I adored as much for the (surely toxic) scent and flavour as the gloss it gave to my lips–a new thrill! But Lisa’s Only You smells as good, looks as shiny, but is SO much more natural.

Check out Lisa’s mascara and lip gloss in our Beauty section–we think it’s all the makeup you’ll need on upcoming March holidays.

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