Vegan Chocolate Gift Box by Barocco Choco


It’s vegan, organic and Fair-Trade, but Barocco Choco has even more amazing qualities than those: this is an artisan dark chocolate range which is made according to an ancient Aztec recipe that was brought to the Sicilian Baroque town of Modica many centuries ago.
Unlike modern chocolate-making methods, Barocco Choco is cold-worked, which helps to preserve a high level of nutrients, minerals and anti- oxidants, whilst maximising the rich, delicious flavour. The unique production method, which follows the Aztec tradition, creates a product quite unlike conventional chocolate – a product that’s rich and earthy, wonderfully grainy and undeniably delicious!
This gourmet set of 6 x 60g chocolate bars comes in a gift box and contains six exciting flavours to explore: vanilla, lemon, chilli, cinnamon, orange, pure dark chocolate. 
The entire range is also gluten, dairy and soya-free.  


  1. I just went vegan and though giving up milk and cheese was easy, I didn’t realise how hard it would be to eat dessert! Almost all chocolate has milk in it except really boring bitter dark chocolate. This gift box which was a gift to myself, lol! had a good variety of flavours and no milk at all. The orange one is my favourite and while I wasn’t too keen on the chili one, I did always want to try that! The bars are a good value for money as they are fully organic and come packaged in a reusable basket. I only wish I could buy a few individual bars now. Come on Eluxe, sell single bars!

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