Super Simple! Purse-Sized Solar Battery Charger


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Sick of your battery dying just when you need your phone the most? Want to save energy and be able to charge your phone from anywhere, even when you’re nowhere near a socket? We have the solution!
This cute and simple Solar Battery Charger is great for Phones and Cameras and lets you charge all your electronic gadgets anytime, anywhere. 
This solar charger is nice and compact, and fits perfectly in a purse. It can save you both energy and time charging your batteries for your cell phones, cameras, tablets and camcorders, MP3 and MP4 players & GPS devices too! Comes with 7 adapters ports to charge most brands, including iPhone, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samsung and Blackberry phones. Comes with an easy to read instructions booklet in English.
Using this solar battery charger is easy. Before you go out, charge the battery in one of three ways:
–Connect to your PC, Laptop via the USB cable
–Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet 
–Or place the charger in direct sunlight when you’re out on your travels.
Also Note: One initial charge will be needed 48 hours before first use.
Charge it with your computer while you’re at work, or stick it in your dashboard while you’re driving. No matter how you charge it, this solar battery charger will be ready when you need to charge your phone, camera, MP3 player, and other gadgets.
This battery charger is great for emergencies and everyday convenience. Plus, it’s small and compact! Purchase a sample for yourself to see how wonderfully it works. 
2600mAh capacity
Different output voltages from 4.5v, 5.5v, 6.5v and 9V output (generally 5.5v covers most models)
7 phone adapters
60 minutes to fully charge phone (approx)
Solar energy board: 5.5v/80 mAh
Dimensions:  9.3×4.3×1.1CM
Output voltage: 5.5v
Batery: 1350maH
Charging time:  About 5 hours approx. (via sunlight) / 10-15hours (via plug)
Colour:    Black 


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