Solar and Birth Chart by Claudia Vannini


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Wonder if your fate was written in the stars? Send renowned Brazilian astrologer Claudia Vannini your place, date and time of birth, and she will write up your birth chart and solar chart, describing both your lunar and solar astrologies.

Claudia has gained an international reputation as being one of the finest astrologers around. Her accurate predictions have impressed even the most skeptical people!

This Eluxe exclusive package includes one Natal Chart and Solar Revolution, 1 mandalas, and a 45 minute audio report with predictions for the coming years.

This makes a lovely gift for a newborn, or a birthday gift as well.

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  1. I received this as a gift and had zero expectations. But Claudia’s reading blew me away! She is a total stranger and knew nothing about my life but said some things that I never would have imagined she could have known. Because she was so dead on about saying these personal things, I am actually taking all the advice she gave me to heart.

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