Lisa Noto Long Lasting Foundation


LISA NOTO Long-Lasting Liquid Foundation is full coverage with matte, shine free finish.

Non-comedogenic and will not block pores, people with sensitive skin issues will find that organic skin care like this is much gentler, leaving your skin softer and more supple while remaining virtually hypo-allergenic. In addition, LISA NOTO provides complete coverage for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and also the redness found following treatments like microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

 Colour Guide

Alabaster: Neutral beige with yellow undertone. Fair to medium skin tones.

Almond: Medium clear with yellow undertone. Ideal for asian skin tones.

Chestnut:  Medium/Tan. Can be used as a bronzer. For Latin, native american and indian skin tones.

Mocha: Bronze brown with a slight undertone of yellow. For Black hair and deeper skin tones.

The skin is rarely uniform thus do not hesitate to mix on two shades in order to get your exact skin tone.

Shades : 

Alabaster Almond Chestnut Mocha
FTL Alabaster FTL Almond FTL Chestnut FTL Mocha

28.4 ml / 1 fl oz

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